WebExpo – the conference where about 2000 people interested in creative developing, machine learning, post-fact marketing, design thinking, and many more – go and listen to 60 inspirative speakers. And Neeb.li was there too!
The 21st and 22nd of September 2018, happening in Lucerna Palace WE WERE THERE – providing attendees fast info trough our technology. We placed beacons all around the halls where speakers were talking. For each hall there was created a profile with current program happening inside. 

10 minutes before each event, we broadcasted “Next up” informing attendees about such event starting in particular time. While the event was happening there was info that it is “In process” – event happening right now. In the end of each talk of speakers there was time for attendees to come to the speaker and have conversation on such topic, which we also broadcasted trough Neeb.li for people to know.

Like in every conference, based on people, there are often changes in time schedule. And even that we were able to keep recent. Unlike the official written program we were able to give the attendees the most recent changes.

WebExpo was great opportunity for one of our first testing of Neeb.li!
Many people, moving from a hall to hall, needing the most recent information about what was happening. And we gave them this without any need of downloading an app or using social media to be posted!

Overall – it successfully worked! Yey!